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by Podroże z Mamą i Tatą
Cooperate with us

About us

Hi! My name is Adela and I’m a blogger, traveller and a Mum of a great 11 years old girl – Marysia. We discover Poland and Europe with Dad Dominik, who is an amateur photographer.

Making short and long distance trips is our favorite way to spend quality time. We learn new things, discover places we never heard about, get to know people,  enjoy sightseeing big cities and relax in nature.

Travelling is a way to get out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves.

Few years ago we decided to create a blog – „Travelling with Mum and Dad” – which became an inspiration for many other parents in Poland.

We want to share our passion and show parents from Poland how to travel around Europe to make it a great adventure and learning by doing experience.

If you have a feeling that we could find a common language, just write to: adela.jakielaszek@gmail.com.
I will answer for sure.

Why you should cooperate with us?

Toskany is an amazing place!

We took part in many campaigns

  • We cooperate with publishers of books for children conected with travelling.

  • We were invited to many places in Poland to write about them.

  • We are helping to promote an idea of going to museum and theatre with children.

Some numbers

Number of posts on our blog
City beak posts
Facebook Fans
Google Analytics Statistics 23.01-20.02.2019

Most of our fans are women from big cities in Poland age 25-44, who have children, like to travel and spend time outdoors with their family.

What we can do together?

We would be happy to try out your travel-related products, services or accommodation or take part in your blogger trip, individual trip or your online marketing campaign.

Ta strona używa ciasteczek w celach statystycznych. Jako blog podróżniczy Podróże z Mamą i Tatą dbamy o ochronę danych naszych czytelników. Wasze dane nigdy nie będą narażone na umyślne niebezpieczeństwo. Nie są one sprzedawane ani przekazywane podmiotom trzecim. Polityka prywatności obowiązuje wszystkie osoby odwiedzające nasz serwis. Szczegóły poznasz w naszej polityce prywatności. Jeżeli nie wyrażasz zgody możesz zrezygnować. Zgadzam się Dowiedz się więcej

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