Travelling with Mum and Dad

We are parents, bloggers and travellers. We travel by car, sometimes by bus or train. In the summer we love camping in our tent. We travel with our 10 years old daughter who loves drawing and learning languages.

Making short and long distance trips is our favorite way to spend quality time. We learn new things, discover places we never heard about, get to know people,  enjoy sightseeing big cities and relax in nature. When our daughter was 8 months old we took her to the mountains for the first time and we are travelling ever since showing her world around us. There is no better way to discover the world than through travelling.

We received a Blog Day 2012 award for the best blog about Lower Silesia region.

We want to share our passion and show parents from Poland how to travel around Europe to make it a great adventure and learning by doing experience.

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